​Political Action Committee

The York Builders Association’s government relations program is funded through donations to the PAC (Political Action Committee).
​The Purpose of the PAC

The money donated to the PAC goes to support the candidates that have the interests of the construction industry in mind. Donating to the PAC fund is one way you can help ensure those interests are, and continue to be, represented in the Pennsylvania legislature.

Why Donate to the PAC
The money donated to the PAC helps the York Builders Association support those candidates that will vote on legislative issues with our members’ needs in mind by supporting legislators who back pro-business and pro-construction bills.

Further, many organizations with agendas that oppose ours are heavily funded, which means the more PAC support the Association receives, the more we can break down the influences of those who do not support our causes. Support the construction industry by donating to Builders Association’s PAC today.