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  • Growing Job Openings Leading to Higher Interest Rates
    by Robert Dietz on October 3, 2023

    Financial conditions continue to tighten, as the 10-year Treasury rate increased to above 4.75%. Among the factors leading to higher rates (more debt issuance, higher-for-longer monetary policy expectations, long-term fiscal deficit conditions, and strong current GDP growth forecasts) was a […]

  • August Gains for Private Residential Construction Spending
    by Na Zhao on October 2, 2023

    NAHB analysis of Census Construction Spending data shows that private residential construction spending rose 0.6% in August. It is the fourth consecutive increase since May 2023, standing at a seasonally adjusted annual pace of $879.9 billion. However, total private residential construction […]

  • Property Tax Revenue Climbs as Income Tax Receipts Decline Sharply
    by David Logan on September 29, 2023

    NAHB analysis of the Census Bureau’s quarterly state and local tax data shows that $132 billion in taxes were paid by property owners in the second quarter of 2023 (not seasonally adjusted).[1] In the four quarters ending Q2 2023, state and local governments collected $727 billion of property tax […]

  • Number of 5,000+ Square Foot Homes Down in 2022
    by Ashok Chaluvadi on September 28, 2023

    According to the annual data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC), a total of 29,000 5,000+ square-foot homes were started in 2022, down from 33,000 in 2021.  In the boom year of 2006, the number of new 5,000+ square foot homes reached a peak of 45,000.   In 2007, the number […]

  • Lot Values Trail Behind Inflation
    by Natalia Siniavskaia on September 27, 2023

    Lot values for single-family detached spec homes continued to rise in 2022, with the national value and six out of nine Census divisions setting new nominal records, according to NAHB’s analysis of the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC) data. The U.S. median lot value for single […]