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YBA Workforce NOW® Foundation Kicks Off 2022-2023 Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Sep 14, 2022 | Careers in Construction, Workforce Development, WorkforceNOW

The YBA Workforce NOW® Foundation, an operating foundation, and a subsidiary of the York Builders Association, recently launched a Construction Pre-Apprenticeship program in partnership with the York County Alliance for Learning – YCAL. 27 high school seniors from 11 local school districts are participating in the 2022-2023 program.

Determined to rebuild the skilled trades workforce in York County, the Workforce NOW Foundation focuses on creating community partnerships and developing programs and resources to educate parents, students, and teachers about the many rewarding skilled trade career opportunities locally.

“This program will offer future skilled trade professionals the opportunity to build their skill sets and gain first-hand experience before joining the workforce. The program will also benefit the participating York Builders Association member companies looking for knowledgeable entry-level candidates to join their team,” said Workforce NOW Foundation’s staff director, Melissa Longenberger.

The 2022-2023 Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program takes place from September 2022, through April 2023, with training taking place one day each month. Students will participate in several hands-on training sessions, including plumbing, framing, electrical, drywall, and masonry, as well as introductions to AutoCAD and blueprint design and reading. Students will also complete a 10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety Course and receive an OSHA Certification Card at the completion of the course.

The Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program is geared toward high school students enrolled at a YCAL Partner School who are interested in pursuing a career in a construction-related trade following graduation. Participating high schools and school districts include the West Shore School District, Dallastown Area School District, Dover Area High School, Red Lion Area School District, Spring Grove Area School District, Susquehannock High School, West York Area School District, William Penn Senior High School, York Catholic Middle & High School, York County School of Technology, York Suburban School District.

The lack of skilled trade professionals is a serious challenge facing the U.S., with the demand at approximately 740,000 new workers per year for the next three years, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Pre-Apprenticeship allows students to explore a career and develop transferable skills before graduating and entering the workforce. On a national level, Pre-Apprenticeships are found to increase the success rates of individuals entering Registered Apprenticeships, which benefits both the Apprentice and the employer.

About YBA Workforce NOW Foundation
The YBA Workforce NOW Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and connecting future construction industry professionals with the opportunities available to them in the local building industry. To learn more, contact the Foundation at 717-767-2444 or visit www.ybaworkforcenow.com

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