YBA Members Share Their Careers in Construction Stories

In October industry organizations celebrate Careers in Construction Month. The idea of a month-long celebration is to rally support and raise awareness about the skills gap and the vast opportunities for lucrative and fulfilling careers in the construction industry.

Through our YBA WorkforceNOW® initiative introduced in 2018, we actively work to be more involved in our community and help increase public awareness of the opportunities available in skilled trades professions. By hosting Construction Career Days events and providing local, state & national resources and opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, on-the-job training and more at yorkbuilders.com/workforcenow/ we aim to promote careers in construction and create meaningful connections between our industry partners, educators, students and parents.

With shortages of craft professionals across the country, it remains more important than ever to continue promoting careers in the skilled trades to young people who may not otherwise consider construction as a career choice. This is why YBA members have been stepping up to share their personal stories about their journey to the skilled trades and advice for young people considering their future career path.

Meet them here:

Ted Ventre, Hively Landscapes

Mitchell Nye, Abel Construction Company

Michael Landis, Landis Custom Cabinetry & Woodworking LLC

Betsy Rosengrant-Stein, K.D. Rosengrant Building & Remodeling

Tori Wells, Brown’s Glass

Harriet Gray, Gray Concrete Construction LLC

Lora Deller, Red Oak Remodeling

Mike Trump, Trump Lawn and Land Company

If you’d like to share your story or get involved in the YBA WorkforceNOW initiative, contact Melissa Longenberger at melissa@yorkbuilders.com.