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Choosing a Builder in York, Pennsylvania

Dec 11, 2021 | Consumer News

If you’re in the market for a new home, congratulations! Buying or building a new home can be an exciting adventure and one of the most significant purchases you will make in your lifetime.

Whether you are buying a condo, a townhouse, a new or used home, or planning to build a custom home in York, Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right place. The York Builders Association makes it our mission to be a source of confidence for consumers in York County, Pennsylvania.

Choosing a builder to work with can be a daunting task. We’ve all heard horror stories about shameful builders and contractors that take advantage of customers. Certainly, the process of building or buying a new home can present its challenges, but you want the experience of building your dream home to be as fulfilling as possible. Knowing that you are working with a builder that is an expert in their field and a true partner in the process makes all of the difference. That’s why we’ve created this list on how to select a reputable builder in York, PA!

Start With Research

  • Think about the type of home you’re interested in. A new townhome? A tract home in a subdivision? A custom home on your own land? The kind of home will determine the type of builder you’ll want to seek out.
  • A great first step is always reaching out to your local home builders’ association. They can provide a list of builders, contractors, remodelers, and more that do work in your area. Search local pros in York, PA.
  • Your local home builders’ association can also connect you with local real estate agents. Real estate agents have excellent knowledge of the local market and are often very familiar with the various types of home builders – providing great guidance.
  • Check local real estate listings online or in your local paper. Reviewing ads and articles can often help narrow down types of homes, price ranges, etc. Online reviews can also be beneficial.
  • Ask friends, relatives, and colleagues for referrals. Personal recommendations from acquaintances who’ve worked directly with a builder you’re considering are an excellent way to gauge the overall experience.

Do Your Homework

Once you have compiled a list of potential builders, it’s time to start asking questions!

  • Interview potential home builders to get the answers to all your questions. Think beyond just costs and timelines. How will you communicate with them during construction? What are their long-term plans for the community? Is there an HOA? Warranties?
  • Ask potential home builders for references from previous customers. Ask previous customers if they are happy with their home, how the construction process worked out for them if they would work with the builder again, etc.
  • Visit any recently built homes and subdivisions whenever possible.
  • When visiting open houses or previously built homes, be sure to inspect for quality.

Why Work with a YBA Member?

Members of the York Builders Association are subject to a peer application review, commit to a code of ethics, are informed, accountable, invested in the community, and fight to keep housing affordable! YBA’s Home Improvement Contractors must also have an up-to-date registration with the Pennsylvania Attorney General (HIC registered).

YBA is committed to being a resource for consumers in York, Pennsylvania. Our membership is made up of more than just builders and remodelers. Make YBA your first stop if you are looking for quality service providers related to the residential home-building industry in York. Our members include mortgage providers, insurance providers, contractors for flooring, roofing, home heating & cooling, landscaping, and outdoor projects, and more.

Hire your next York County professional with confidence! Contact YBA at 717.767.2444 or find a pro online at yorkbuilders.com

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