YBA Announcement

York Builders Association Launches WorkforceNOW Brand Focused on Addressing the Skilled Labor Shortage

The York Builders Association (YBA), the community’s trusted building industry resource, recently launched a new brand initiative. The WorkforceNOW brand will serve as the umbrella which covers all of YBA’s programs designed to support workforce development.

“Our efforts focused on workforce development and education about career opportunities within the skilled trades have grown, and as an association, we have heightened our focus on these objectives,” said YBA Executive Vice President, Laurie Lourie. “To gain traction and reach new audiences, we felt it was time to create a sub-brand that stands on its own.”

Though the construction industry is booming, the lack of skilled workers creates a variety of challenges – including increasing the cost of construction and slowing project times. While a multitude of stable, well-paying jobs are available in the industry, recent studies continue to show that young people are still more likely than ever to pursue a college degree.

According to YBA Board of Directors Vice President Shonna Cardello, “As the primary resource for the home building industry in York County, part of the YBA’s role should be developing a workforce that meets the needs of our local economy and our member companies. It is also our responsibility to build awareness about the diverse career opportunities that exist and do not require a lifetime of student loan debt.”

In April of 2018, the YBA coordinated its first annual Construction Career Days event with seven local high schools and seven local companies in the building industry. The event promoted awareness of the variety of career paths available in the local market and provided an opportunity for students and potential employers to connect. A 2019 Construction Career Days event is planned, as well as other programs that serve the mission of becoming a workforce development resource for both member companies and the community, closing the skills gap and inspiring more young people to pursue careers in the trades.

The WorkforceNOW brand was launched at a recent association meeting, and several YBA member companies have already stepped up to pledge their commitment to continued workforce development initiatives. Those companies include White Rose Settlement Services, Inc., Schmuck Lumber Co., Schaedler Yesco Distribution, K.D. Rosengrant Building & Remodeling and Strine’s Heating & A/C.

Members of YBA’s Executive Committee: Jason Barshinger Shonna Stock Cardello Brandon Knaub Andrea Bledsoe missing from photo are Nicholas Sabold and Ted Hively.