YBA Announcement

YBA Selected to Adopt Construction Career Day Event

In April of this year, the York County Economic Alliance (YCEA) launched its pilot event, Construction Career Day, in cooperation with Stewart & Tate and an area high school.  The program was developed to mirror YCEA’s successful Manufacturing Days program, which started in 2015.  The York Builders Association’s Board of Directors have approved the request for YBA to adopt the Construction Career Day event.

The purpose of Construction Career Day is to increase high school students’ awareness of and interest in, the readily available careers locally in the construction industry.  The YBA Staff and Board of Directors couldn’t think of a better opportunity to grow the association’s workforce development iniative. Laurie Lourie, Executive Vice President at the York Builders association said “With a successful pilot launch and support from the YCEA, who have graciously shared their feedback and planning process with our association, we are honored to take ownership of this program.”

The association recently hosted a brainstorming session with a group of members to begin the planning process for this event and plan to hold the first Construction Career Day in April 2018.  The goal is to start with 3-4 schools and member locations and grow the program over the next several years.

A committee is being developed to assist with this event and other workforce development related programs.  If you are interested in being involved please contact Melissa Longenberger.