The demand for qualified workers in the construction trades continues to grow. Our industry has been facing a shortage of skilled workers for some time and it has an impact on quality, safety, and a company’s ability to remain competitive.

There are tremendous opportunities for students who may want to explore career avenues that don’t require a college education, yet can still be safety-driven, fast-paced, and high-paying.

Construction Career Days is designed to help educate today’s students on the diverse career opportunities available to them right here in our local market.

The program takes place in York County and surrounding areas.

We are excited to bring back our in-person Construction Career Day program April 4-8, 2022

How Schools Can Get Involved

Our Objectives

  • Provide high school students with the resources they need to learn more about local careers that are in high demand.
  • Introduce high school students to local organizations in the trades that are interested in hiring high school graduates.
  • Provide proper connections and make sure students know how to reach out to companies when seeking employment.
  • Give students a chance to learn about the range of jobs opportunities available through their host company.
  • Share information about the many benefits of a career in the trades.

How Can My Company Get Involved?

Host Company Responsibilities:

  1. Complete registration form to provide information YBA needs to coordinate the event.
  2. Provide at your cost:
    • Lunch, drink, and a break area for students & chaperones
    • Host fee
    • Accessibility and food allergy accommodations, if applicable
  3. Plan, prepare, and implement student agenda from arrival to departure (approximately 9:30a-1:30p):
    • Aim for interaction: opportunities to ask questions and to learn enough about your company to identify with your employees and understand what it might be like to work there.
    • Suggested activities: executive welcome and company information, tours and demonstrations, employee testimonials, hands-on activity (if possible); and Q & A opportunities.
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