We are dedicated to being a catalyst for empowering students and others in the community through education and resources that focus on rewarding opportunities in the skilled trades.

FACT: We need more tradespeople

By 2028 there will be 3 million skilled trade jobs that need to be filled.

FACT: We overemphasized college education

Over the last few decades, there has been a heavy emphasis on the idea that a four-year degree track is the only path to a high-paying career.

FACT: Millions of job opportunities are available

The crushing number of workers retiring coupled with the belief that jobs in the trades are somehow less than has resulted in fewer young people choosing careers in the trades and an enormous skills gap leaving MILLIONS of potentially high-paying and rewarding jobs vacant. This workforce shortage only continues to grow and ultimately impacts industries, companies, communities, and families.

What we’re doing about it

The York Builders Association introduced the Workforce NOW brand to shine a light on the endless opportunities for rewarding and lucrative careers in the trades. We plan to partner with others in the community to build systems that will make it easier for school districts and local businesses to establish programs for recruiting and training the future workforce. Furthermore, Workforce NOW is committed to inspiring and empowering students, teachers, and parents to learn about the limitless opportunities for individuals to build fulfilling careers that don’t require a lifetime of debt.

In 2022, The York Builders Association approved the formation of the YBA Workforce NOW Foundation Inc. to support the initiative further and broaden the opportunities and programs we offer.

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