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Our Mission: To be the trusted resource for the building industry and our community

York Builders Association Serves Both The Public And Contractors In The Building And Home Remodeling Industries.

Consumers who are looking for information and ideas will find our extensive database of reputable contractors.

Our two annual events -- The Parade of Homes and the Home & Garden Show -- highlight the best designs, services, and products available in the market.

Our knowledgeable staff comprises professionals who’ve worked in the industry for decades and are always available to answer questions from consumers and contractors.

For contractors, we offer the professional support and member services that help to distinguish your business as a top performer in its field.

The association and its members are committed to giving back to the growing community they serve, volunteering time and resources to York’s most important charities, one year at a time.

The association was chartered in 1964 as a non-profit association of builders and related trades, organized to promote home ownership for the citizens of York County and the improvement of the building industry.

We are affiliated with the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

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York Builders 50 Years

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Congratulations on your 50th...

It does not matter whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or an accumulation of successful years of business, it’s quite an accomplishment. The York Builders Association is now a member of this elite half-century club.

The idea of a local association whose members were local businessmen and builders actually began years before the charter was granted, in April 1964. The association was established to create a reliable source for prospective home buyers. Those early members focused on quality and ethical building practices to provide their customers the “American Dream” of home ownership.

For 50 years, this concept has been the cornerstone of the York Builders Association. Many of our members witnessed astronomical growth and then dealt with interest rates exceeding 18%. We have seen gasoline shortages and rationing, material shortages and price hikes. Recently, our concerns have been directed towards codes and government intervention in our building industry. Through it all, our pledge to fulfill the “American Dream” of home ownership has not wavered.

The future of the York Builders Association is very secure and bright. We have future leadership moving up the ranks, starting at the committee level and continuing through the Board of Directors and line officers. The York Builders Association’s greatest asset is its members. Second, is its staff, who work as a well-oiled machine. Executive Vice President, Laurie Lourie and Membership Director, Melissa Longenberger, along with Marketing Director, Katie Dennis and Director of Events, Cathy Warner, have all the tools and experience to take YBA to a level never thought possible. They have grand expectations for the years ahead. Happy 50th Anniversary York Builders Association. Let’s celebrate this milestone, and lay the foundation for the next 50 years.

Barry Strine

April 8

First Membership Meeting

April 8, 1964: The first membership meeting was held at the Flamingo Restaurant, sponsored by York Federal.

“We were all strictly competitors in those days, but when you met the guys, talked to them, we all had the same problems.” – Donald Epstein

February 1

Bush Was Hired

February 1, 1968: James C. Bush was hired as the association’s second Executive Vice President, succeeding Gordon R. Bender.

March 1

The first York County Builders Home Show

March 1968: The first York County Builders Home Show, chaired by Burnell Moul, was held at the York Fairgrounds.

“We were encouraged by the many responses from, not only quite a few building contractors, but also many subcontractors, materials suppliers and local utilities - all showing a common interest in growing a better informed industry.” – Charles C. Dietz, 1966 President

Pictured: Walt Henry, Sr. and Norm Baughman shake on it at the 20th Anniversary celebration.

April 1

Get Your Tickets Early

A ticket to the first ever Home Show event.

January 1

Worked For Better Legislation

As early as 1969, the association became involved with legislative issues, including the cost to builders of underground wiring, foreign imports and mortgage interest rates.

January 2

Benefits Working for you

The York Builders Insurance Trust was established in 1969 to provide group health, life and disability benefits to the members of the York County Builders Association and their employees.


Pictured: Frank Larkin and Don Esptein remember the old days.

April 1

Home Builders’ Show Directory 2.0

The 2nd York County Home Builders’ Show Directory cover.

January 30

Charity Begins at Home 1970’s

Through the decades, the association has extended a generous hand to these worthwhile community organizations:


- $500 toward the York Swimming Pool Project.


- $10,000 to the York County Blind Center. Chaired by Charles Dietz, the project created a home for a radio station which featured readings from newspapers, magazines and novels for the visually impaired.


- $300 donated to the city for handicap ramps.

March 1

Showcasing YBA Pride

The first show, in 1968 featured a ribbon cutting ceremony and the first crowning of the Home Show queen, inside the Memorial Hall on the “York Inter-State Fairgrounds,” as it was called at that time.

March 1

50 Years Of Growth

What started as a 50 exhibitor show in 1967, has moved locations to the newer, larger facility known as Utz Arena, and now houses close to 250 booths.

April 1

Queen Of Home Show 1970

Sharon Rae Fitz, 17-year-old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Denton Fitz, is crowned Queen of the Home Show in 1970. Other contestants standing, from left, are Debra Anne Neiderer, Jane Waltimyer, and Paula C. Moyer.

February 3

Changing the name

February 3, 1971: The National Association of Home Builders approved changing the name of the organization from Home Builders Association of York County to the York County Builders Association.

January 1

Growing Fast

By 1973, membership was growing and so was the need for space. The association set up its first headquarters in a rented space at 2870 Eastern Boulevard. In December of that year, the Board voted to hire Linda Schiding to assist in the office and to work on the Home Show.


Pictured: Former EVP Linda Schiding, left, and her assistant, Brenda Arnold.

April 1

The Big Board

An early billboard for the Home Show event

January 1

Defeated Taxes!

The YCBA defeated the building permit tax enacted by Southern York County School District in 1977.

March 1

Home Show 1977

April 27

Journeyman Upgrade Committee

The 1976 Journeyman Upgrade Committee: standing from the right are Ron Fitz, Mack Smith, and Glenn Brenneman. Seated from the right are Charles Test, Herb Herbst, and 1976 PBA President Jack Bertolette.

January 30

Charity Begins at Home 1980’s


- Establishment of the Annual Vo-Tech Awards, granting cash prizes to three outstanding York County Area Vocational-Technical students each year who are entering the construction industry or allied trades.

- The organization awarded its first scholarship, $1,000, to Matthew N. Weirich of Manchester, who planned to attend Penn State and study architecture. From 1988 through 2014, the association has granted scholarships totaling



- $26,000 to the United Way’s Housing Initiatives Program.

- Under the direction of Charlie and Randy Test of C. W. Test Builders, association members completed construction of a house for Habitat for Humanity - in three days.


January 31

Nail Driving King

“The secret is not to miss the nail.” – Walt Henry, Jr.

February 1

Nail Driving Competition

Walter Henry, Jr. remains the King of the Nail Driving Competition throughout York Builders Association history, holding the record for most wins, and most consecutive champion wins. While the competition is no longer held, many of our members participated over the years.

The goal was simple in this display of proficiency – drive 3 nails faster, straighter, and more completely than the opponent. When he was set to retire from the competition, Walt finally revealed the recipe to his success: “Choke up on your hammer.”

Most of Walt’s challengers had been so hurried to beat him that they swung from the bottom of their hammers and bent the nail.

February 1

The Nail Competition Drives Home

February 1

Nail Driving Line Up

February 1

Hammer Time

January 30

Charity Begins at Home 1990’s


- York House Hospice, a home-like facility for the care terminally ill patients. Members of the association donated time and suppliers donated materials.


- Agricultural and Industrial Museum: under the direction of Don Lentz, the restoration of the AIM House. The Board of Directors approved more than $42,000 for the job, which was accomplished through labor and materials donated by association members and friends. The historical site now stands as a tribute to York County Craftsmanship.


- The Remodelers Council members volunteer to complete a special project for a 15-year-old girl with a liver disorder through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


- Members submit bids for the Adopt-A-House project.


- Habitat for Humanity – members volunteer their time and supplies to help construct a home for a needy family.

February 1

Parade of Homes Winner

Jeffrey Henry cleans up the awards at the Parade of Homes event.

February 1

Old-Fashioned Woodworking

Herb Herbst performs old-fashioned woodworking demonstrations at the Home Show.

June 16

Shining Examples

February 1

York Ground Breaking

A ground breaking ceremony for the current York Builders Association headquarters.

February 1

Construction Underway!

The current York Builders Association o.ce building at 540 Greenbriar Road, constructed in 1999.

January 30

Charity Begins at Home 2000’s


- The Women’s Council organizes member volunteers to transform the Tindall House, a Children’s Home of York establishment. 


- Members build sound-proof interview rooms at the Children’s Advocacy Center, creating an environment in which children of abuse can tell their story in private while law enforcement and agencies listen in.


- Habitat for humanity Build-a-Thon – our members donate volunteers and supplies.


- $1000 towards the Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation, to help victims of tornado damage toward rebuilding their homes.

- Volunteers and funds towards The City Gates Project: our own member Kinsley Construction manufactures the gates installed to prevent criminal activity in the private passthroughs between homes.


- $1000 towards Servants, of York, PA. 

The York Builders Association continues to award scholarships every year to the children of members, and has been involved with a number of other charity projects not highlighted here. 

February 7

Meeting the Governor

Phil Trump, Colin Jones, and Mike Trump meet Governor Tom Corbett accompanied by 2014 President Barry Strine.

February 7

NFIB And U.S. Representative

Andy Lawrence, Larry Mellott, Perry Cisney, and Jim Phipps represent the YBA and PBA at a press event hosted by the National Federation of Independent Business and US Representative Scott Perry, as a push back for the Environmental Protection Agency’s expansion of regulations to water on private land.

February 7

Welcome The POH

Justin Hawkins welcomes attendees to the B&N Design Group Parade of Homes entry, this year.